History and Locale

Galleri Pingvin was established in 1985 and originally went by the name
Galleri B.A.  In 2003 we moved to Møllergata and changed our name to
Galleri Pingvin.  Why Pingvin (Penguin) you might ask?  Because penguins
are elegant, social, and positive…and we gladly associate ourselves with
them and those traits.

Galleri Pingvin is, as one of Scandinavia’s largest art houses, quite a special gallery.  The locale is housed in a complete tenement building built in 1874. 
The building has been labeled as a preservation site by the City Antiquarian
Bureau and sits on the Bureau’s Golden Lists.  The ceiling heights are first
class, the floors romantically uneven, and the walls enormous.  Three large
floors give us a fantastic ability to present a wide range of art.  Our location
is neither Frogner, Kvadraturen nor Tjuvholmen.  On the contrary, we lie as
an independent gallery between Stortorget and Youngstorget, on a street
that was once known as “Møbelgata” which is famous for its new and old
restaurants Justisen and Gamle Christiana.  Other neighbors of interest are
the Glasmagasinet department store, fashionable furniture boutiques,
government offices, the Left party, the Workers party, labor offices, and the
Deichmann Library.  All of this lies in the middle of the city, and we love it!

Who We Work With

Galleri Pingvin deals with modern art (with one exception, Frits Thaulow,
see section Artists).  We have guest artists and steady artists, Norwegian
and foreign, well known and not as well known.

It is Galleri Pingvin’s function to present the art and artists to the community.
We arrange solo and mixed exhibitions, but are first and foremost a dynamic gallery where the artists sell directly from the wall (they set their own prices)
and as soon as that art leaves the gallery, new art goes right back up.

Art and Galleries

Visual art has existed for thousands of years – from cave painting to the magnificent decorations of the empires up to our time.  What really is art? 
Our definition is as follows:  Art = Artisan + Creativity.  The producers of this
are artists.  As society desires professional artists, meaning people who make
it their profession to produce art, these people must have the opportunity to
earn a sufficient enough income to have the time to produce art.  The role of
galleries is to be the commercial meeting place between artists and the
audience – a place where art can be presented, valued and transacted.

Why Buy Art

“Decoration” is the most common word employed when talking about the
placing of art in public buildings.  Moreover, though, visual art can beautify
and inspire, which fills us with positive energy.  That is exactly what, in our
opinion, is the most important task of art, and the main reason that it has
survived over the millennia.

Our Objectives

Galleri Pingvin strives to be the best gallery for artists and the community.
Over 600 artists approached us last year hoping for a chance to exhibit.
We picked only 4 of them for the privilege to do so.
Time will show if they obtain the status "steady artist"

In our dealing with the public we strive to be the best in service, selection
and experience.  In the end it is our customers that evaluate our success
in those goals.

On this website, which is continually under refinement, we hope to give our customers relevant information in a fast, effective, and interesting way. 
If you have any tips on how we can better serve you, we really would
appreciate your feedback.

You can also find us on
English version will be established in a while.