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Art as Investment
Those who many years ago purchased the works of Edvard Munch,
Vincet Van Gogh or Gustav Klimt, unquestionably made very good
economic investments.  The list of such examples is very long. 

But it is very exceptional that an artist’s work will be worth more on
the second hand market than it was at its original price. 

Galleri Pingvin, since its very beginning, has focused on the price
of art and its future price potential.  We have analysed the results of
the Norwegian and foreign markets of the last 200 years and sought
out the mechanics by which some artists become more valued, while
other artists become investment catastrophes. 
Quality? Quantity? Originality? Format? Motifs?
Recognition and acceptance? Other influences?

Galleri Pingvin arranges conferences for groups and individuals to
offer information and advice on art as an investment. 
Our experience since 1985 has made us (we hope) experts at art as
an investment and we try tocontinue to improve.  We take inspiration
from the renowned runner Grethe Waitz, who said,
“The one who practices the most, becomes the best.” 
In the end, of course, it is our customers that have to evaluate our
success in this.

Our two most important conclusions are:

  1. First and foremost, art should be a mental investment.
  2. Only buy art you like and will enjoy on a daily basis.

Remember we believe that only 02-.03 percent of artists become
economic successes.

Are you interested in taking part in a conference or
have an individual discussion?

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