Art as Decoration

Galleri Pingvin has 20 years of experience with the interior decoration of institutions, offices, waiting rooms, etc. We have concrete advice when it comes to art style, choice of colour, kind of art, formats and so on. Advice and guidance is free and non-binding.


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A few exemples:

Medical office waiting rooms. Patients are usually nervous or sad. Naivistic art with cheery colours and positive, nice subjects, can lighten the atmosphere. Marika Lang is one of Scandinavia's most popular in this area.

Tänk på att främlingar är vänner du ännu inte mött


Attorney, banking, and other similar offices.  Dreamy, mystical half figurative motives by Elling Reitan are a good alternative.

Blå sol


Architecture and advertising companies usually prefer minimalism in their surroundings. Pop art can fit in such environments. Italian Silvia Papas is one of our favourites.

No smoking


Companies with a high-paced and active environment (sales, business, etc…). Fantastic pictures by world-known artist Ekatherina S. can inspire toward greater efforts.


Tower of love


Elegant I.
Aesthetics and elegance in itself are important for some lines of business (for example fashion). Kana Otofuji's beautiful paintings on metal plates are an alternative. She is, by the way, Yoko Ono's favourite artist.




Elegant II To underline the Norwegian element are the expressionistic representations of nature by Reidar Fritzvold right on target for many. The fact that his work is exhibited in more than 30 museums is totally OK.



Frits Thaulow (1847-1906) is Norway's most international artist after Edvard Munch. An office/meeting room with two or three colour etchings by this artist will set the standard.





We design custom-made solutions adapted to the wishes and economy of your company.

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