Ekatherina S.




"Goddess of Creation"
100cm x 120cm


The Cosmic Goddess is creating the world. She is full of love to the human beings who are her children. She gives the humans light and beauty and takes care of them. The people have to develop the harmony between mind, soul and body inside of themselves to be happy. Blue is the color of spirituality, yellow represents the divine light and red is the flame of love.


"Happy New Planet"
100cm x 120cm


The man and woman represent the creative power of Cosmos. They are flying in the Universe and create beautiful stars and planets. Everything is possible - no limits. They enjoy the new worlds and are curious to make new ones. Octopus represents the Wisdom and Lotos the Purity. Red color symbolizes the love blue the spirituality, Yellow is divine light and Green is life.


"Battle with Dragon"
70cm x 90cm


In many German and Slavic fairy tales the Hero is fighting with a Dragon and he
always wins. Dragon symbolizes the dark side of the soul, the ego and the selfish attitude. Victory over negativity gives the Humans Harmony, Unity and Wisdom of Divine Light. The 3 heads of the Dragon represent darkness in the body, the soul and the mind.
Yellow colour is the Light of the Creator. Orange is the Energy, Green is the Nature,
Red is the Body and Blue is the Spirit.


"Ships of Adventure"
100cm x 120cm


The ship is the symbol of discovery of new lands, new opportunities, new chances
and new future. Human beings have to be brave and fearless to discover also new
spiritual levels and new horizons inside of their own souls. The number 3 is the sacred number of trinity of mind, soul and body. Blue colour is the ocean of spirituality, red is physical body and yellow is the Divine Light of the Intuition.


"Unity of Light and Shadow"
180cm x 180cm


There is no Light without Darkness and no Darkness without Light.
Light is the Unity and the Love of Male and Female aspects of the Universe.
Darkness is the separation and exclusion.
The small figure in the left corner represents the Darkness and the Ego.
It is like a small child wanting to have as much Light and attention as possible.
We are also the Unity of the Light and the Darkness, the Soul and the Body.




Hva er egentlig et fotomaleri  ?  Her har du kunstnerens forklaring:

Explanation for the technique of photo paintings

To produce my photo paintings I use a traditional approach:
I take picture with my camera and develop and print the film
by myself. After printing the images on photo paper I paint on the
surface with a brush and my fingers to give it my personal touch.
Every photo painting is unique which means there is only one in

Once the painting is finished, I frame it by using the Diasec tecnique:
I place the silicon and glass in front of the photo painting. At the back
side I install a Dubond plate, composed by two aluminum plates and
an artificial material between them. This is a perfect protection for the
photograph from light and deformation as well.

I work with one of the best photo laboratories in the world -
Grieger/Düsseldorf. Only the most important contemporary artists
of the world work at this place, such as Gorsky, Thomas Ruff and
Thomas Struth.

I am very proud to work there.

Ekatherina S.


"Spirits of America 2"
100cm x 150cm


Mythology of Peru speaks that all knowledge about the agriculture, astronomy and architecture was received from the creatures who looked like a snakes with elevated souls. This divine beings came to the Earth from specific place in the Milky Way galaxy. This very friendly fairies created the piece in the Inca empire and teach how to build a spiritual places. This amazing landscape in Peru in Sacred Valley has very strong positive energy. The green color symbolize Life and the yellow the Wisdom of the Divine Light.


"Spirits of America 13"
90cm x 60cm


The walls of Machu Picchu have a special places for the mummies. Inca did not believe in Death. They were sure that the teachers of Humanity never died and ask the advices and help from the mummies in the temples. The consciousness is eternal and Inca communicated with the other dimension. The symbol of half women, half snake was a symbol for the ancient protectors and teachers not only in America but also in Asia. Yellow is Divine Light, Green is Life and Violet is the Transformation.


"Spirits of America 20"
60cm x 90cm


The Lake Titicaca in Peru and Bolivia has many legends. According the one of then the First Inca Man and Woman arrived from the Space to the Island on Sun and Island of Moon to bring the peace to Humanity. There is still the ancient community of Uros living in the middle of the Lake on the floating islands and boats. This matriarchic community is very peaceful, they denied any money and agreed to the free marriages. Yellow is the Wisdom of Light, Red is Physical Realm and Violet is the Transformation.

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