Georg Guntern

Georg Guntern (born 1967) is our first guest artist from Switzerland.

He was born and grew up in Recklingen.
From his early childhood he had a leaning towards creativity and experimentation.
On finishing his education as a carpenter teacher he went on tobecome a joiner.
Afterwards, the desire for travel took over and he travelled around the big, exciting world - Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
After 6 months Georg returned to Switzerland and continued his education as an architect - a profession he practiced for 5 years. In this period he was constantly travelling to foreign countries and cultures.

Travelling and the joy of creativity er important elements in Guntern's life.

His art has gradually and constantly become more dominating, perhaps genetical? His uncle on his mother's side is, in fact, no other than Willibald Storn!
His regular visits to Norway are due not only to his love for his uncle Willy, but rumor has it that there also is a woman by the name Anne.

Georg Guntern uses uses extremely different materials in his works. Clay on wood is an expression form he particularly likes. When questioned on why clay - his answer in a prestigious newspaper interview (Wallis) was as follows: ”Das ist ein sehr angenehmes, natürliches Material, das seine Farbe bei verschiedenen Lichteinwirkungen rasch ändert. So ergibt das sehr lebendige Bilder. Durch die unterschiedlich dicken Lehmschichten resultieren interessante Schattenwürfe.”

Georg Guntern belongs to the artistic group "Kunstkollegen". The other two in the group are Berhard Nellen and Christoff Heinen. These three exhibit constantly together and get a lot of attention in Switzerland.
The fact that Georg exhibits solo in Galleri Pinving is something we find enjoyable.
I hope the public finds it enjoyable as well.



97cm x 102cm
Clay on wood

97cm x 102cm
Clay on wood

100cm x 115cm
Clay on wood


"Chilli IV"
76cm x 100cm
Clay on wood


76cm x 100cm
Clay on wood


"Afrika Zwee"
100cm x 113cm
Clay on wood